2. Exhibitions you may miss due to lockdown

This is an extract of a review that I wrote for the Sydney Arts Guide. To read the entire review visit the Sydney Arts Guide. Four Exhibitions worth Visiting at UNSW Galleries. Original due to close tomorrow.

Jewellery Designer and contemporary artist, Kyoko Hashimoto

Bioregional Bodies

Designer Kyoko Hashimoto’s Bioregional Bodies challenges society’s use of plastic, concrete and coal by incorporating them in engaging jewellery design: wearable art – mostly. Wearable statements on what mainstream jewellery design values – you won’t see aggregate and coal brooches in Tiffanys. Hers are wearable statements about what society values – setting fossil fuels and concrete in fine metal as if they are so desired – as desired and indispensable to high living as diamonds – in another sense they are. Hashimoto incorporates rings and necklaces that are statements – not of wealth, power and haute couture, but on society – objets d’art. She pushes the idea of what is jewellery and what can it achieve.

Taking up the lion’s share of the ground floor is Capture, the first comprehensive survey of artist, Sam Smith. Smith questions image making conventions and presentation with his video installations that incorporate sculpture and performance while he uses these to explore relationships between geology, technology and environment.