Angst at Lockdown Media Coverage

This Sydney Co-vid lockdown seems so much more frustrating than the first. Beyond the frustration of understanding the limits of freedom placed on us: the NSW Premier neglected the word “essential” in the first couple of weeks when referring to workers who could go to work if they couldn’t work from home, and the media heedlessly inserting it into their recounts muddying the waters; then when “essential” was inserted into her dialogue, she tarried in defining it; and of course the confusion of advice over who should get the AstraZeneca vaccine- and the media’s unabated scare-montering over it, in the face of a shortage of the Pfizer vaccine; beyond is the frustration of going back to normal -almost- and then having to revert to stay-at-home measures and being bombarded with conflicting emotional barrages from friends, family, the internet and the media.

Picture of blurry light through an okd fadhioned keyhole
Blurry light through the keyhole

Frustration with the media causing frustration with an already edgy community compels me to ask, who is holding the media to account for their failings to serve the people?