About Crafty Theatre

Hello, hello,

Who am I? Who are you? How should you address me? Is “You,” okay for you? What is my name? Stella. And yours?

I’m a dreamer who wishes to run away in the Tardis but not necessarily with any of its known pilots. I was once a student, formally. Once a Theatre Practitioner, informally, and always a lover of history, mystery, philosophy, Christianity and speculation.

Welcome to my blog. About what? My incorrigible love of theatre. Why?

Theatre has a magical glamour. Its stories begin with a playwright or improvising actor. They are coloured with costumes, props and scenery. They are given tone and pace by musical instruments. Nuance, interpretation and energy are delivered by the performer. Response is vital and immediate. Response is the audience’s, it transfixes the story in the moment. The moment exists in another world.  A magical world, an illusion, a glamour. A world craftily created.

Drama begins with an idea. Drama is not always on the stage.

An idea is as powerful as we allow it to be. Sometimes it can’t be contained within the physical confines of the head that incubated it. Sometimes its sibling thoughts making up the mind, will promote it, sending it out through the spoken or written word. Sometimes it’s expressed as images, impressions that haven’t been shackled to meaning. The idea is fluid when shared.

The Crafty Theatre blog is about ideas inspired by theatre in an unreal world. It’s hard to reconcile the loftiness of an ethereal idea with the physicality in which it lives: the head, a network of shooting electrons, a microcosm of the internet. As ideas form and reform within the head, how much more so will they within the universal head/brain/consciousness/internet?

Crafty Theatre is also about translating ideas through the plastic arts. It’s about puppets, masks, make up and costumes, as well the history of theatre, theatre culture, theatre of disguise, proxies and pseudonyms.

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